When It Comes to Commercial Vacuums, We’re Big Fans of Sanitaire

Sanitaire brands itself as “The Ultimate Time Machine.”

…Wait a minute! What?

Are you in the middle of a sci-fi novel here?

Well, no. But what happens during the day at your building? Early in the morning, before customers and employees arrive in droves, you have a nearly pristine space.

By the end of the day, your building may look like the aftermath of an EF5 tornado with winds exceeding 200 mph.

That’s where Sanitaire vacuums “take you back in time.” Your building goes from near-devastation back to that spotless cleanliness you saw in the morning.

And here’s how Sanitaire makes that happen:

1. Every Product Fits 5 Main Brand Pillars

Sanitaire doesn’t mess around when it comes to their commercial vacuums. Every vacuum they make must meet the strict criteria of each of these five pillars:

  • Deliver an exceptional cleaning experience by meeting LEED and CRI certification standards
  • QuietClean, which means every vacuum operates at 70 decibels or less
  • Make your cleaning team happy with convenient features like light weight, cushioned harnesses, and easy maneuverability
  • Reliability, which means efficient use of cleaning time
  • Minimal maintenance and innovative features, which mean equipment costs stay low and let your business keep running

2. Industry Specialization

Sanitaire doesn’t just make “commercial vacuums.” They make vacuums specifically for several industries to meet tight requirements and maximize business value.

For example, for the medical industry, the SC3700A includes a brush and crevice tool for detailed cleaning. The vacuum also includes a brush that allows for cleaning of hard and soft surfaces.

For hard surfaces in a general office space, the Floor Machine SC6025D comes with steel housing, twin-motor capacitors, and a three-idler gear box for powerful and efficient cleaning at 175 RPM. And your cleaning team won’t complain about the machine because it includes triple-planetary action to reduce vibration and increase comfort while cleaning.

And finally, for the hospitality industry, the RESTORE Carpet Extractor SC6088B offers 100 PSI of water pressure (with optional heating) to quickly and easily remove floor stains. Large easy-roll wheels and carrying handle make it easy for employees to clean anywhere in your hotel.

So, as you can see, Sanitaire understands these industries (and others not mentioned). And you can bet that you can trust them 100% with your commercial cleaning needs.

That’s why we’re happy to recommend their products to you when it makes sense for your needs!