Commercial Cleaning

Why Communication is Essential in Commercial Cleaning

Ever use a product or service and have to call customer service, only to find that you have to clarify yourself multiple times, or ask multiple questions so you know what’s going on? Or maybe you had to call several times just to get a hold of the right party to talk to! 

Maybe you have someone in your work or personal life who’s difficult to communicate with. You find yourself frustrated and dreading the situation because neither of you can figure out what’s going on. 

Effective communication makes all the difference in the world when it comes to commercial cleaning. Check out these benefits of communication to make sure you reap their rewards: 

  • Happier, More Profitable Customers

When you and your customers are on the same page, life is easy. You can surely recall customers who you got along great with and how easy it was to take care of them. 

You knew their needs and expectations. You knew what to do to meet or exceed them. And if you upsell them on a new product or service, you knew you had a great chance of closing the deal. 

  • Better Work Quality 

When your co-workers understand exactly what to do and how to do it, they more consistently meet your expectations. And if they have a unique problem they need help solving and get a clear answer, they’ll solve it and leave you ecstatic. 

Better work quality means less stress for you. It also means happier customers. And finally, it leads to greater profitability. 

  • Form Long-Lasting Partnerships

Make no mistake about it — it’s incredibly difficult to find a commercial cleaning service to stick with for the long haul. Most hire the nearest warm body they can find and hope to do just enough to keep their customer so they can turn a small profit for a little while. 

When you communicate effectively and consistently over time, your customer notices that. Because not all commercial cleaning services (or any business services for that matter) do it. 

Effective communication can be enough to keep a customer for years when the average length of a relationship in commercial cleaning is much shorter. 

  • Make It Easy to Raise Concerns

Many times, customers leave, and you have no idea why. Effective communication can put an end to that. 

Invite concerns from customers. Ask clarifying questions so you understand exactly what they want. And of course, take the time to solve their problem and explain exactly what you did to fix it. 

Your customers will feel cared for. And it makes it easy for them to stay around even longer. 

  • Clear Up Confusion 

Have you heard the cliche “she said, he heard?” One party means one thing, while the other hears something else entirely. 

Proactively clear up any misunderstandings. If your customer seems frustrated or angry, ask why they feel that way. Then you can address the issue and get the relationship back in good standing again. 

With communication, you really can’t overdo it. Make everything crystal clear so everyone is on the same page. It makes your professional life so much easier. And everyone else is a lot happier and more pleasant to interact with. Plus, your bottom line will thank you for it! 

Making communication a priority is easier said than done. If you need help coming up with communication processes, contact Pollock Orora today. We’ll help you make SOLVED happen in your company.