Why Customer Service Matters More Than Ever

Believe it or not, customer service is more important now than ever before.


But why?


It may be because companies are so rapidly digitizing, placing too much focus on convenience.


Customers want convenience, no doubt.


However, 42% said they would pay more for a friendlier, more welcoming experience, according to Specialty Food Magazine.


So, you’re wise to allocate organizational resources toward more human interactions.


That’s not the only reason customer service matters more now.


Here are a few others to consider:


  1. How Much More Do Loyal Customers Spend?


You know the old adage that repeat customers spend more with you because they know, like, and trust your brand.


But how much more? And is it really worth your time to focus on customer loyalty right now?


Yes, it is.


Data from RJMetrics found that loyal customers spend 300% more.


You’ll have to calculate your own customer acquisition costs if you want an accurate comparison.


This statistic, however, shows the value of retaining your customers.


And of course, top-notch customer service goes a long way toward making that happen.


  1. Customers Are Bored of Traditional Approaches


Have a great product and competitive price?


For some years now, that’s been enough to keep customers.


You haven’t had to focus so much on service.


However, as Dell CIO Jerry Gregoire points out, “The customer experience is the next competitive battleground.”


Why has customer experience become so important?


Customers naturally raise their expectations over time.


Great product? “Good.”


Competitive price? “Thank you.“


“What else do you have to offer me?” the typical customer now thinks.


Plus, you have to consider the fact that word of mouth travels faster than ever before because of social media.


The technology you can use to enhance customer experience has improved as well.


So, now is a great time to differentiate by creating top-notch customer experiences.


  1. Proactive Customer Service Is a Golden Marketing Opportunity


When was the last time you had a company notify you of a problem with your product or service before you even knew about it?


…Still thinking?


It certainly doesn’t happen often.


However, if you can make it happen, you can absolutely turn it into an opportunity to upsell your customer.


For example, say you discover a problem with their product.


You then notify your customer about the problem and offer an affordable solution.


Rather than taking time to convince and sell your customer, you’ve already done most of that work proactively.


This makes your customer feel like you really get them and care about helping.


And it blows them away when you make it happen.


Is Customer Service Really That Important?


Oh, it is.


No doubt about it!


Since many companies don’t focus on customer service like they should, it can be your secret weapon that gains you market share while your competitors continue to struggle!


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