Why is Microfiber Considered “Green”?

Microfiber has fundamentally changed the way we clean. Using microfiber cloth comes with many benefits. These cloths do not tear or leave visible fiber behind under normal circumstances, and they can often be used with water alone. It’s also considered to be more environmentally friendly than its single-use or multi-use counterparts. Here’s why: 

Benefits Over Paper Products

At one time, paper products were considered the best thing in cleaning. They absorbed the mess you were cleaning, and you could throw them out along with the dirt, grime and chemicals they picked up. Unfortunately, the presence of dirt and chemicals makes paper products impossible to recycle and harmful to allow to biodegrade. 

Microfiber cloths offer a solution: more absorption power with many more uses over time. These cloths also don’t require deforestation, heavy logging machinery and bleach, which are all harmful to the environment. 

Less Environmental Impact Than Cotton

Cotton seems like a great solution to the paper product problem. However, it has its own flaws. One of them is wasting water. It takes 5,000 gallons of water to produce a cotton t-shirt. Cotton is often grown using pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, which contribute to greenhouse emissions, ruin soil and pollute waterways. 

Since microfiber cloths are manufactured, not grown, they sidestep all of the issues cotton causes. They also absorb better and leave fewer fibers behind.  

Saves Water and Chemicals

The fact that microfiber cloths can often be used without chemicals is its main selling point. You end up using less water and fewer harmful chemicals with results that often surpass the competition. 

Environmental Cons to Microfiber

Microfiber is generally a blend of polyester and polyamide, which are two plastics. While this makes microfiber cloths and mops great for cleaning, it also means that they’re not recyclable or biodegradable. While it doesn’t use as many natural resources, it currently takes twice as much energy to produce microfiber as it would a natural fiber. Despite these factors, using microfiber cloths is often a greener option than the alternatives. 

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