Why Pollock Loves Clorox Products

You know Clorox as the maker of these brands and product lines:

  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Pine-Sol
  • Clorox Healthcare
  • Hidden Valley
  • Burt’s Bees
  • Brita
  • Glad
  • Kingsford
  • Liquid Plumr
  • Poett
  • Ayudin

Did you recognize all of those? Or were you surprised by a few?

Regardless, Clorox makes excellent products. And that’s why we’re excited to recommend them to you when they make sense for your business.

Clorox Has Been Around a Long, Long Time

Not too many companies can say they’ve been around for more than a century. But, Clorox can.

Founded in 1913, they’ve now grown to become a nearly $17 billion publicly-traded company. To stay in business that long, and to remain not just in business, but to thrive, takes dedication and quality products.

In 1913, Clorox actually began with bleach, but it was targeted only at institutions. The company’s original founders knew how to make it, but they weren’t sure how to market it.

William and Annie Murray were shareholders, and they didn’t want to see the company fail. Bill streamlined operations, landed new financing, and Annie came up with the idea to market Clorox to homemakers by giving away free samples. Later, Clorox was innovative enough to market across cultural lines and into French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, and Yiddish languages for Americans.

Clorox’ products are so good, some food brokers have remained customers for…get this…(cue drum roll) more than 90 years!

Clorox Does an Amazing Job in the Healthcare Industry…And Several Others

For the healthcare industry, Clorox covers every last aspect of operations. This includes products for acute care, long-term care, outpatient care, and building maintenance services.

As advanced as healthcare technology is, it still needs help with cleanliness to keep patients healthy, and reduce their risk of catching disease or infection (called an “HAI”).

They also serve the hospitality industry, educational institutions of all kinds, food service companies, white-collar offices, and building maintenance contractors. So, there’s not an aspect of American commerce they don’t touch.

When it comes to cleaning and sanitation, we wholeheartedly recommend Clorox when it makes sense for your company’s needs. And now you know why you can place 100% confidence in Clorox, and why it doesn’t make sense to go with a cheaper brand you don’t know.