Why Pollock Packaging Rocks

Alright. Alright. Before you get too skeptical and think that we’re just promoting ourselves because we can, learn more about Pollock Packaging.

We really do an awesome job when it comes to your packaging design needs. After all, you can get an accurate prototype (at real size) within 24-36 hours of your request.

But as you know, speed isn’t the only thing. So, here’s why you’ll love Pollock Packaging when it makes sense for your business:

1. Unique Process

Our bread’n’butter lies in the process. It’s had more than a century of testing (and going), so you can be it’s quite good by now. And of course, it’s never finished because the market’s always changing.

Basically, because we do the entire design and production in-house, you get speed, quality, and competitive costs. You just can’t find all these benefits with other companies.

Pollock’s design team works with you hand-in-hand so you get a highly accurate prototype that looks exactly as it would in real life. That happens in just 24-36 hours. Then you get the opportunity to provide feedback and make changes.

And finally, your packaging gets produced and delivered.

Your life is oh-so-much easier because you only have to deal with one point of contact. And one with more than a century of experience!

2. Versatility in Industries Served

At Pollock, we can handle a variety of industries. Food service, food packaging, retail, beverage, industrial packaging, and even jumbo packaging are all well within our capability.

Custom fonts, precision colors, easy opening…you name it and we can do it.

Need custom packaging in a high-competition industry like craft beer? No sweat. We’ll make you stand out so you win market share.

3. Orora Covers Your Specialty Packaging Needs

Want to assemble a display? What about custom die-cut inserts or foam inserts? Something else entirely?If you can imagine it, we can make it reality without creating excess extra work for you.

So yes, when it comes to creating custom packaging quickly and at a competitive price, you just can’t beat a company with more than a century of experience.

And it’s why we’ll happily recommend Pollock Packaging, but only when it makes perfect sense for your business needs!