Why Product Branding is Important for Retail Businesses

Want to increase your product sales in a scalable way that doesn’t require a massive amount of effort?

Branding and packaging

Product branding does just that.


When your product has its own identity, it stands out much more than it would if it had no branding at all.


And when you master branding by differentiating your product from competing options, your sales grow even more.


Those are the main reasons why you’re wise to invest time and money into branding your products.


Check out three more:


  1. Making a Promise Attracts Attention


Every product you design solves at least one problem for your customer, right?


When you brand your product, you attempt to make it as obvious as possible that you solve a specific problem for your customers.


For example, you might make a reusable grocery bag. With that product, you make a couple of promises:


  • That your bag will successfully hold your customer’s groceries for many trips to the grocery store
  • That you’ll protect the earth’s environment because of the bag’s reusability, and likely also because you make yours from sustainable materials


Now if your reusable grocery bag follows through on those promises and it also has its own branding, customers remember it.


They come back and buy it again when they need more. Or, they tell people they know about how well your bag works.


Pollock Orora can help you create branded packaging design that gets your products the attention they deserve.


  1. Protection from Competitors


Imagine for a second that you don’t give your product its own branding.


And assume it sells well anyway, which absolutely can happen.


If your product doesn’t have its own branding, how easy would it be for a competitor to swoop in and make something nearly identical, stealing your market share nearly instantly?


If your product does have its own branding, your competitor can still make similar products.


However, they can’t copy you outright.


Because your customers already know and trust your product, they’ll stick with you rather than switching over to the competition.


  1. Consumers Prefer Brands


When you ask consumers which products they like most in their own life, do they mention generics or brands?


Many consumers will purchase generic items if they can find them at a lower cost.


However, consumers on the whole prefer brands.


They enjoy the predictable quality of a brand they know, like, and trust.


When customers buy, they don’t buy your product; they buy a solution to their problem and an overall experience.


A brand provides them with both.


Pollock Orora can help you create retail packaging that emotionally connects with consumers and creates a memorable experience.


Every Smart Retailer Brands Their Products


Branding your products couldn’t be any more important to your company’s success.


It’s one of those decisions that’s practically guaranteed to pay off and make you look smart.


So, consider adding it to your strategy in 2022 and beyond.


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