Why Should You Care about Aqua Chempacs Products?

You may or may not have heard of Aqua Chempacs. Compared to some of our vendors, who may have been around for nearly a century, they’re a newer player to the game.

Aqua Chempacs has been in the commercial cleaning solutions industry since 2010.

But, they have one game-changing hand cleaner that’ll blow you away for many reasons. And they have several other effective cleaning solutions too.

Check ‘em out below:

1. Dissolvable Liquid Concentrated Hand Soap Packets

Are 1000 – 1500 mL hand soap cartridges a problem for you?

They are now if you haven’t heard of Aqua Chempacs dissolvable hand soap packets.

First, they save you serious money on shipping. Instead of sending those heavy and bulky hand soap cartridges weighed down with water, you get nice and neat little 20 gram soap packets (they’re just like ketchup packets). The savings are massive because these packets have 50x less volume than cartridges.

The hand soap dispensers that use these hand soap packets are reusable. So, you don’t have to reuse plastic cartridges every time you need a refill. That’s a huge boost to the environment, which you can let your customers know about.

And there’s nothing to using these packets. Simply open the dispenser, put the dissolvable packet in, add water, and you’re set to go!

2. Commercial Cleaning Solutions

So now, simply take those dissolvable packets from above and apply them to every imaginable commercial cleaning process you have.

Start with spray bottles you use to clean surfaces. Add the same idea to your mop buckets. And the same also applies to your mechanized floor cleaners.

All packets are color-coded and sized exactly to the products for which they’re designed. So that reduces employee mistakes and means you use only the amount of product you need. This really piles up the savings for you!

3. Customized Cleaning Kits Are Available

Now, Aqua Chempacs’ pre-made commercial cleaning solutions will no doubt make a huge difference for your bottom line and environmental impact.

To maximize your savings even further, the company works with you to create customized cleaning kits for your specific needs. This eliminates so many of the complicated problems that you typically face with cleaning chemicals, such as:

  • Wasted product
  • Using complicated proportioning devices
  • Storage space issues
  • Training and supervising employees in the chemicals’ usage
  • Exposure to harsh concentrates

Yes. All that.

We’re raving fans of Aqua Chempacs. But we’ll only recommend them to you if they make sense for your company.

And if you hear us throw out their name, jump for joy because you’re going to love the results they give you!