Why Shurtape’s Our Top Recommendation When You Need Any Kind of Tape

Shurtape comes in as our first recommended specialist tape manufacturer. And there’s good reason you’ll love ‘em.

For starters, they’ve been in operation since 1955. And all they make is tape. So that gives them 64 years of experience in tape manufacturing as of the time of this writing in 2019.

That’s an incredible amount of experience just in tape production!

So to stay in business that long, and to make our President’s Club, they must do quite a bit right.

Here’s some Shurtape’s special highlights:

1. Focus on Quality Product for Specific Market Segments

Shurtape isn’t designed to be a commodity use-and-toss product for the masses at large. Rather, it’s created specifically for craftsmen in specific market segments.

Shurtape’s products are specially designed for several dozen markets, and even sub-markets, including HVAC contractors, painters, automated carton sealing, transportation, and packaging, among many others.

The company’s close work with contractors in each niche in the past and present yields a top-quality product that doesn’t disappoint.

2. An Example of One of the Company’s Most Sophisticated Tapes

Of course, the military has to do some taping sometimes too. However, you can bet they need something stronger and more reliable than regular ol’ duct tape.

Would you really want our nation’s country protected by simple duct tape?

Shurtape produces military grade aluminum foil tape for vapor barriers and waterproof seals, and for masking off areas when electroplating.

Now of course, they create tapes for more common purposes too. But this example shows you Shurtape can handle the sophisticated needs of any market.

3. Working to Eliminate Case Sealing Issues

One of the biggest problems in the tape industry is difficulty sealing cases. Inefficiency, wasted material, damaged product, and injuries happen frequently.

However, Shurtape has more than 135 years of experience in sealing boxes. And currently, 25% of the company’s manufacturing processes focus on packaging tape production.

All products are designed to minimize and eliminate the afore-mentioned case-sealing issues.

When it comes to sealing cases, Shurtape has it down.

So, we’re happy to recommend Shurtape when their products make sense for you. And you should feel equally excited whenever you hear their name!