Why Sigma Stretch Film Outshines the Competition

In 1993, a small company had a big idea: provide stretch film at fair market prices in configurations customers want.

That company is Sigma Stretch Film, and today they continue to grow faster than all other companies in their market.

But why?

Because, if you want to maintain that growth as your company gets larger, you must have a competitive edge other companies can’t match.

How else would you grow so well for so many years?

The foundation of the company’s success lies in producing products that work simply across a variety of applications – and offering all products at all manufacturing locations.

Take a closer look at some of the company’s products to get a feel for what differentiates Sigma Stretch Film from the competition:

1. Sigma Classic

As its name suggests, Sigma Classic blown film is the cornerstone of the company’s success. It’s their best-selling general purpose stretch film.

With unmatched puncture and tear resistance, this film is easy to use and rarely breaks. And because it clings so well, it stays in tact when wrapped, without leaving any tails.

This keeps your load and pallet protected.

2. Sigma Steel

This product allows you to use a fraction of the effort, while also saving money and not sacrificing any containment ability.

Steel actually requires 25-50% less effort than competing films, while also meeting or exceeding their containment ability.

This leads to a 15% savings in yield, and your employees will notice the difference in lower force required over the course of an 8-hour shift.


3. Sigma Ecosupreme

This stretch film retains strength, while being manufactured thinner and requiring less material. Sigma applies a proprietary conversion process and pre-stretches the film.

When the film actually gets wrapped around product, this creates “Dynamic Tension.” This means the film contracts to a greater degree when actually applied. And that means even though this stretch film is thin, it remains strong and gets your load to its destination in new condition.

Sigma Stretch Film has many other products designed for specific applications. This is just a small overview to give you an idea of their unique ability to match market needs in a way no other company can.

And it’s why we’re happy to recommend Sigma Stretch Film when their products make sense for your needs.