Why You Can’t Do Without Avery Dennison Fastener Solutions

You know the value of specialists…Avery Dennison specializes in making fasteners for various retail applications.

In 1964, Avery Dennison transformed the retail industry with their Swiftach tag attaching system that replaced the attachment of tags using string and pins.

In more recent years, Avery Dennison has introduced a number of innovative automotive fasteners, and an Elastic Staple consumer goods packaging system.

Their drive netted them $7.5 billion in revenue last year and keeps them a member of the Fortune 500.

So yeah. They’re pretty good at what they do. Let’s take a closer look at what’s so great about this company:

1. Extensive Experience and a Global Distribution Network

The company’s R&D and Engineering teams have more than 90 years of combined experience ini plastic materials and mechanical design. They maintain an active inventory of more than 900 SKUs.

And the company’s global distribution (and service) network means you have the product and support you need – exactly when you need it.

2. Cable Ties

Yep. You know these. Fastener Solutions makes cable ties for a variety of applications which have up to 250 pounds of tensile strength.

The company created the Ladder Tie, Super Bar-Lok and Secur-A-Tie. They’ve gone as far as coating some of their cable ties with 2% carbon black, which protects them from the sun’s ultraviolet light so they don’t melt, weaken, and break.

They’ve manufactured their automotive cable ties to withstand temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to 239 degrees. That’s a far wider range than the typical cable tie. And it ensures they work in the most intense conditions.

3. Elastic Staple Systems

As you learned, this is one of the company’s recent innovations. The IndES Elastic Staple System, for example, secures consumer goods to flat card surfaces or multi-level card packaging designs.

You get a variety of solutions to your packaging problems and a quick ROI. Steps are taken out of the packaging process. You increase your uptime, reduce operator workload, and reduce material costs.

Avery Dennison does much more. You just experienced a small sampling of the difference they make for your company.

And we’re more than happy to recommend them when they make sense for you!