Why You Should Jump for Joy When We Recommend Automated Packaging Systems’ Products

At Pollock, we’re happy to recommend vendors when they make sense for our customers.

…And you should be elated when we recommend Automated Packaging Systems.

But why?

What makes them such a great catch?

Here’s what:

1. They Specialize in Putting Systems to Use to Give You More Value

Automated Packaging Systems’ competitive advantage lies in combining machines, materials, and services into solutions customized just for your company. Some programs are available exclusively to customers using certain product types. And these customers get a variety of preferred services and incentives also.

2. Sophisticated Bagging Machinery Works for You

Every machine this company builds has been engineered for high productivity and efficiency. Automated Packaging Systems’ focus on this never stops.

Their bagging machines have been engineered to be so reliable that many customers use them more than 3 decades after purchase – without any sacrifices in quality or productivity!

And if you do decide to purchase one or more of their machines, they have such a broad selection they’ve got one specifically suited to your needs. With all this working together for you, you typically see positive ROI on your investment in under a year.

3. Guaranteed High-Quality Packaging Materials

Yes – Automated Packing Systems’ manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified. And they also exceed the rigid tolerance standards of the Flexible Packaging Association. In addition to this, their products and processes meet or exceed industry-specific standards and regulations.

Regardless of the type of packaging you require, you can relax, knowing you have a high-quality product that allows your business to run smoothly.

4. Consistently Convenient Service

Qualified and experienced reps field your phone call. Tech support helps your machine and company operate at peak performance. And you can even get training so you can perform your own basic repairs – and operate your machinery with efficiency. Over 8,000 spare parts remain on stock so Automated Packaging Systems can quickly get you what you need and maximize your uptime.

So when you hear us say that Automated Packaging Systems will make a good fit for you – grin with excitement.

It’ll only lead to good things for your company.