Why You Should Upgrade to the Radiance Restroom Collection

Cleaning commercial bathrooms requires products that you rely on to get the job done. However, commercial cleaning products do more than that. The Radiance Restroom Collection offers style, sustainability and efficiency you won’t find in most of its competitors. Here’s why you should consider an upgrade to this new line of commercial restroom supplies. 


Efficient Refills

Radiance products offer high capacity refills, which means less time spent refilling dispensers. Refills for manual and hands free soap dispensers are interchangeable. If you have a business that requires both, Radiance has you covered. The pros at Radiance also know how much time janitorial co-workers spend finding the right key for each product, so one key works for the entire line of equipment. This makes maintenance much more efficient, allowing co-workers to focus on cleaning tasks.


Sustainable Options

Most of the products in the Radiance Restroom Collection are designed with the environment in mind. Several pieces of packaging are recyclable* in certain areas. The line also boasts Green Seal Certified products. You want to know your business is doing right by the environment, so Radiance went the extra mile to offer certified sustainable cleaning products. 


Backed by Industry Expertise

The company bringing you Radiance products has decades of experience serving industrial, retail, education, food service, entertainment and healthcare businesses. Over the years, Pollock Orora has solved challenges in every business sector, providing total facility solutions to companies across the US. Working with Radiance, you’ll get the products you need when you need them. 

The Radiance™ Restroom Collection offers sustainable solutions with style. If you’re ready to make the switch to Radiance, give Pollock Orora a call at 972-263-2126 or reach out online.


*May not be recyclable in your area.