Why You’ll Absolutely Love Iconex

At Pollock, we’re picky about the suppliers we choose. You really have to be the cream of the crop to partner with us.

Fortunately, due to America’s focus on innovation, we have plenty of suppliers to recommend to you.

And when it comes to imaging, labeling, sanitization, and receipts, we’re more than happy to recommend Iconex.

They are actually one of our oldest suppliers, as they goes back to at least 1887. Technically, that year its former parent company, NCR Corporation, created the first printing department that led to the creation of Iconex.

So its history actually goes back farther than that. But suffice it to say, Iconex has been around at least 133 years. And you have to be awfully smart and innovative to stay around that long in America.

Iconex is responsible for inventing and proliferating the cash register receipt, which began in 1892.

Unfortunately, we can’t cover all their products because they have more than 10,000. However, we can talk about a couple important ones:

1. Paper Receipts

Obviously, this is their core business. Iconex’ paper receipt production processes are impeccably thorough.

For example, each paper grade endures extensive qualification procedures to ensure high quality. Manufacturing equipment has been custom-designed to create the least amount of paper dust and lint possible.

And you can choose from the widest possible range of thermal receipts in the industry at Iconex.

Whew! Iconex is intense.

2. Tamper Seals

You can bet these are more popular during the coronavirus pandemic as more companies focus on pick-up and delivery.

Tamper seals make it clear and obvious to customers that their order has not been tampered with in any way.

These seals are so good that Uber Eats, Grubhub, and Doordash use them. And if the top names in delivery think they’re excellent, you can bet these tamper seals are.

3. Supply Chain Management Labels

Your supply chain is its own little environment. That’s why Iconex has a specialist conduct an on-site survey of your supply chain prior to any label printing.

You can get labels for every purpose, including picking, pallets, product ID, returns, shipping, stocking, and even custom-created labels.

With a single source provider as capable as Iconex, your supply chain is in good hands.

So yes, Iconex’ products and services rock. And we’re happy to recommend them when they make sense for you.