Why You’ll Fall Head-Over Heels in Love with Pollock Orora Packaging

Yeah. We get it. You’re a bit skeptical because we’re mentioning our own packaging division.

But, hear us out.

We have more than 100 years of experience (101 to be exact). Don’t let that fool you into thinking our processes haven’t changed with the times, though.

Our processes get constantly refreshed and innovated so they maintain their effectiveness in a rapidly changing market, making them relevant as ever.

And here’s what else makes Pollock Orora Packaging such a wise choice:

1. Everything Done In-House = Fastest Time to Market

With Pollock Orora Packaging, you only deal with a single service provider. You don’t get part of the packaging design process done and then have to sew together multiple contracted services to make your packaging design reality.

Our experts design, manufacture, print, kit, and distribute.

Not only do you get a fast time-to-market, but you retain product quality and consistency too, boosting your bottom line.

2. Close Relationships That Yield the Most Effective Results

It’s all about creating packaging design that gets you noticed and grows your sales, isn’t it?

That’s why we work closely with you throughout the design, production, and delivery processes.

You may have your own design in mind. You may not have anything in mind. In either case, we can help you create the most effective design that results in strong relationships with your customers.

You’ll get a prototype prior to production (usually about 24-36 hours following your approval), which you can then critique and request any changes, if needed.

3. Pollock Orora Packaging Serves All Business Sizes

No, we’re not just for big corporations who can purchase massive volumes, we are here for you, even if you’re a startup.

It’s all about service, not exclusivity.

Shift from blah to bliss with delightful design, effective performance and affordable pricing with Pollock Orora Packaging.