Why You’ll Fall in Love with Cube Packaging

Cube Packaging is definitely one of the youngest companies in our President’s Club, as they began operations in 2007.

So to make the President’s Club list at the young age of 12, they must be doing something awfully special.

Cube specializes in environmentally sustainable packaging solutions. And with their commitment to continual manufacturing process improvement, they’ve won designations like the 2018 Business Excellence Award for Large Businesses.

Here’s some other interesting highlights about Cube Packaging:

1. A Focus on Reusability, Which is Even More Sustainable than Recycling

Recycling is a good and healthy thing. But Cube Packaging takes recycling a step further to reusability.

Cube makes all their packaging products with the goal of having consumers use them more than once. Their packaging is actually made of more durable materials.

However, through innovative design techniques, these more durable containers also don’t require more material to make in the first place.

So you do definitely end up with a significant net gain with reusable packaging.

2. Niche Focus

Cube Packaging makes a large amount of packaging products that display food. They focus on grocery stores, restaurants, catering, and meal prep solutions.

As a business, you know the value of a specialist niche expert. That’s Cube Packaging.

They rock the sustainable food display container market.

3. Special Novelty Food Containers

Need to spice up the display of your food with a special them to get customers in a purchasing mood?

Cube Packaging has a large line of novelty food display containers.

For example, they have a pumpkin container shaped like a smiling jack-o-lantern for Halloween, multiple products shaped like footballs for the NFL season, and the same for basketball and soccer.

You know how little touches like that drive your sales way up during key sales seasons. And that’s one of many differences Cube Packaging makes for your company.

So, yes, when it comes to reusable packaging solutions, we’re excited to recommend Cube Packaging for your business.

And you should feel just as excited when you hear us say their name!