Why You’ll Love Impact’s Products

Every great company focuses on more than just making money. And that’s what helps Impact’s products keep their status in our President’s Club.

Besides making quality products, they aim to have a positive impact with every product, customer, and employee. It’s Impact’s goal to make your job easier, safer, and better. And they’re not just a company broadly focused on the cleaning industry. Rather, they’ve tightened their product selection to cleaning supplies and accessories. And that specific focus is another reason Impact remains a leader in the cleaning supply industry.

Much of the time, you might not even realize you’re using Impact products. That’s because more than 300 are available via private label.

Why might you choose Impact’s products? Well, here’s a few more reasons we love them:

  1. Value Proposition Customized to Your Company

    Impact doesn’t have cookie-cutter solutions offered to every customer. They discover your most painful problems. They learn your goals. And they deliver you solutions that put an end to your pain and help your company reach new heights.This sounds awfully ambitious for a supplier of cleaning products. But, it’s exactly the way Impact operates.
  2. Impact Helps You Reduce Your Effects on the Environment

    Impact’s phasing in more environmentally-friendly products in their line. They constantly research and strategically source in an effort to help you reduce your carbon footprint and make the world a greener, healthier place.Of course, by doing so, they’re reducing their own carbon footprint too.
  3. Impact Produces Their Products in a Safe Way That Also Protects Their Employees

    DuPont’s award-winning Safety Training Observation Program runs the show at every Impact facility. Employees work in the safest way possible, and produce the products you use in a safe way.

Why should you care?

This means less risk of disruption for your cleaning supplies. It also means costs stay lower because the company doesn’t have to factor in as much for the damage they cost.

The STOP program trains managers, employees, and even includes web-based software that allows Impact to record and analyze safety data to find opportunities for improvement. No aspect of safety goes untouched.

So, whenever you hear us recommend Impact products, now you know why. And you can have full confidence in their quality and ability to drive an almost ridiculous amount of value to your company.