Why You’ll Love JRMI (Now AmerCare) Products

Mergers and acquisitions happen so frequently and rapidly they’re hard to keep up with. We’ve loved JRMI for many years. They’ve also been acquired by AmerCare, which happened May 6, 2016.

Today, AmerCare primarily focuses on paper disposable products for the foodservice and retail industries. They now have more than 1,200 products available.

Historically, AmerCare has been known for its service to the disposable glove industry. JRMI has had the greater focus on the foodservice industry. Today, they both operate together under the AmerCare Name with a warehouse in Charleston, South Carolina, Dallas, Texas, and one more in California.

When customers come to AmerCare today, they have one of the broadest portfolios of products in the industry available to them. And that’s what makes AmerCare so strong in the market.

AmerCare’s most popular product lines include:

  • Point-of-Sale Supplies

AmerCare has a massive selection of POS supplies available. Register rolls are available in thermal, bond, or carbonless paper in nearly every width, link, color, and configuration. Printer ribbons are available for almost every type of POS printer used today.

  • Straws

AmerCare’s one of the leading paper products suppliers to the restaurant industry. Customers can get straws in every color, length, and style, ranging from giant size sipsters to wrapped and unwrapped straws.

  • Kids Products

AmerCare makes colorful entertaining placemats to keep your kids busy while you wait to be served…and if they finish way before you. Customers can even customize their placements with their own logo. Recyclable plastic cups are shatterproof and can be given to kids as souvenirs.

  • Napkins and Bands

AmerCare has, as you guessed, a napkin for every situation – beverages, lunches, dinners, or dispensers. To accent your napkins, simply add a colored band of your choice.

  • Plastic Cutlery

Need to fill out a cafeteria, picnic, or simple event? AmerCare’s plastic cutlery comes in every weight, length, and color to match your event to perfection. Custom kits can be assembled per your requirements.

Notice a pattern here? If you need it, AmerCare has the product for it. That’s why we love them, and happily recommend their products when they make sense for you.