Why You’ll Love Southern Champion Tray’s Custom Packaging Solutions

What does your products’ packaging say about your product and company?

With an almost obscene number of choices today, the average shopper needs to see something truly unique to change to a new brand.

And if that’s your goal (or for any other packaging goal for that matter), Southern Champion Tray certainly makes good sense.

Here’s why:

1. Award-Winning Packaging Designs

The Paperboard Packaging Council has grown to become the leading industry association on paperboard packaging. Founded in 1929 from a small confederation of boxmakers who wanted to establish fair competitive practices, the association now is the go-to for a nearly $8 billion industry.

History lesson aside, the Paperboard Packaging Council gave Southern Champion Tray three separate awards for various types of packaging. You can see those at Southern Champion Tray’s website.

If you’re in the market for innovative designs that catch customer attention, you’ll only do yourself a favor when you choose Southern Champion Tray.

2. Unusually Thorough Analysis

Say your product needs paperboard packaging. The process of choosing the right material and substrate is actually more complex than you’d think.

For example, Southern Champion Tray will consider such factors as strength, thickness, food grade, coatings, printability, recyclability, compostability, and many others when helping you choose the right material and substrate for your packaging.

You know the best companies always have their processes down to an incredible science.

3. Patents (And Unique Designs) Mean You Can’t Get Some of These Products Anywhere Else

Southern Champion Tray uses unique locking mechanisms for their paperboard boxes. Some of those are patented, which means you can’t get them with any other manufacturer.

Most boxes can be heated in microwaves or frozen in the fridge for short time periods. Their Utility Boxes are food grade approved, but like all other SCT boxes, they can be used for retail products also.

Can you find some of these elements with other paperboard manufacturers? Yes.

Can you find them all in one place, combined with SCT’s reputation for top-notch service? Good luck!

That’s why we love SCT. And it’s why we’re happy to recommend them when their products and services make sense for your business.